Wonderland in 5 Steps
At Wonderland, we collaborate with you to create personalized bedtime stories. Here's how the process works.
Pick a theme to your story
Come up with a 1-sentence theme for your story. You can specify characters, plots, etc. If you have writer's block, we help you brainstorm ideas. Curious? See our brainstorm page
Customize your story
Wonderland uses your theme to generate a story. You customize the story by picking which voice you want to tell the story, as well as selecting illustratins for your story. Make the story yours.
Enjoy your story
It usually takes 5-10 minutes for Wonderland to create your story. Once it's ready, you can listen to it in the app, and follow along the story page by page.
Share your story
Your creations are private by default, but if you want to share your story with your friends and family, you can make a story public and share it using a link.
Find popular stories
Some nights, you might want to skip the creative process, and you can find popular stories other dreamers have made public. You can see a few publicly released stories over here. But once you log into your account, you can see more public stories.
That's it!
Wonderland is free, join us today and start creating and sharing bedtime stories.