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Henry the hippo hates swimming Charlie the computer hacker breaks into a secret database Xavier plays the kalimba and learns about Zimbabwe Abby the ant climbs the Great Pyramid of Giza Katie the koala hugs with Captain Cook in Australia Charlie the chameleon changes colors with Isaac Newton Zoe’s Challenge at the Everest Base Camp Peter the penguin uses a zipper to close his jacket Quinn the quarterback leads his team to victory Quinn the quokka smiles at the Eiffel Tower in Paris Cassie the Chinese makes dumplings with her grandma Noah the nurse cares for a sick child Ryan the robot makes friends with a dinosaur Mia’s Summer Vacation with Grandparents Eddie the elephant saves a baby bird Leo the lion roars with Julius Caesar in Rome Sam the Spanish watches a bullfight with his uncle Jake the jaguar uses algebra to solve a riddle from a monkey Jake the journalist investigates a mystery Oscar the owl sees the Stonehenge in England Harry the hamster rides with Paul Revere in Massachusetts Cassie the cat sees the Colosseum in Rome Daisy the dog adopts a kitten Danny listens to Beethoven and learns to overcome challenges Tina the turtle is too shy to speak up Jake the Japanese makes origami with his friend Tyler the turtle sees the Chichen Itza in Mexico Leo’s Safari Experience in Africa Fiona the fox solves puzzles with Albert Einstein Kelly the koala eats too much eucalyptus Grace the girl flies with a pegasus in the sky Ella the elephant meets Hannibal in Carthage Harry the hedgehog rolls around the Colosseum in Rome Eddie the eagle flies with Neil Armstrong on the moon Tyler the turtle uses estimation to guess how old he is Cassie listens to Mozart and learns to play the violin Mia the mouse uses time to plan her escape from a cat Bobby the bear gets bullied for being too big Ella the elephant is embarrassed by her trunk Ava’s Christmas Eve Leo the lion has a bad hair day Sam the shark swims around the Easter Island statues in Chile Emma’s Cooking Lesson with Mom Isla the iguana sunbathes on the Easter Island statues in Chile Ella’s New Baby Brother Mia the musician plays a laser harp Iggy the iguana uses a refrigerator to keep his food cold Ryan the raccoon uses a computer to play games Ryan the reporter exposes a conspiracy theory Nelly the narwhal finds a pearl Olivia the optometrist tests a patient’s eyesight Freddy the frog hops across the Great Wall of China Charlie the cheetah races with a car Liam’s Halloween Costume Ben the British visits the Buckingham Palace with his class Mia the musician performs at a concert Leo the lawyer defends a client in court Danny plays the whistle and learns about communication Quinn the quokka uses data to survey how happy the animals are Sam’s Fishing Day on the River Anna the American celebrates Thanksgiving with her family Leo the librarian finds a portal to another dimension Toby the tiger stripes with a zebra Isabella’s Wonder of the Stonehenge Tommy the tiger explores the Taj Mahal in India Lily the lioness meets Joan of Arc in France Tyler the teddy bear goes on an adventure in the woods Wendy plays the cello and learns about classical music Nina the narwhal sees the Northern Lights in Iceland Charlie the cat uses a camera to take pictures Molly the mole digs with the miners in California Oliver the otter plays with Leonardo da Vinci in Florence Danny the dog uses division to split his bone with his brother Sophie’s Surprise Birthday Party Mia the mouse turns into a princess Mia plays the flute and learns about China Penny the penguin slides on the ice Fiona the fox uses a compass to find her way Eddie the elephant uses a light bulb to see in the dark George the gamer enters a virtual reality world Albert the ant learns about gravity with Isaac Newton Jake the jaguar runs on the Machu Picchu in Peru Sam the scientist conducts an experiment Quinn the Qatari plays soccer with his brother Daisy the dog uses a bicycle to go faster Sophie the spider spins a web for Cleopatra in Alexandria Sophie plays the maracas and learns about Mexico David the Dutch wears wooden shoes to school Eddie the engineer invents a flying car Harry the hamster shrinks to the size of a pea Abby the ant learns to work as a team Daisy the dog barks with Alexander Graham Bell Ella’s Trip to the Museum Finn the firefighter rescues a cat from a burning building Ruby the researcher discovers a new species Lucy the llama has a bad case of the hiccups George the giraffe uses a telescope to see the stars Harry listens to Brahms and learns to play the lullaby Ben the bird flies over the Great Wall of China Bella the biologist clones a dinosaur Kelly the kangaroo can't find her pouch Ivy the ice cream cone comes to life Olivia plays the sitar and learns about India Katie the kidnappee escapes from a spaceship Isla the iguana uses patterns to camouflage herself with the leaves Mia the monkey uses a fire to cook her food Lily the ladybug learns to share her spots with her classmates Olivia’s Mystery of the Machu Picchu Eddie the elephant learns about electricity with Benjamin Franklin Leo plays the djembe and learns about Africa Sophie the spider uses angles to spin a perfect web Bella the bear discovers the periodic table with Dmitri Mendeleev Grace the girl uses geometry to draw shapes with her crayons Tyler the tiger uses a rocket to go to space Bob the beaver builds with the Vikings in Scandinavia Ella the elephant walks on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia Lucas’ Visit to the Victoria Falls Zoe’s Lost Teddy Bear Nick the narwhal swims with Christopher Columbus in the Atlantic Peter the panda eats bamboo on the Mount Everest in Nepal Kelly plays the didgeridoo and learns about Australia Cara the carpenter builds a treehouse for her friends Abby the ant uses addition to count how many seeds she has collected Sophie the squirrel uses a scissors to cut things Jack the jackalope joins the Lewis and Clark expedition in America Ryan the rabbit hops on the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy Katie the koala uses a penicillin to cure her sickness Ruby the rabbit has a hard time making friends Abby listens to Bach and learns to play the organ Ethan’s Science Fair Project Classical music Cassie the cat uses multiplication to find out how many lives she has left Danny the dog visits the Taj Mahal in India Danny the dragon learns to breathe fire Oscar the ostrich learns to fly Noah the nightingale uses a phonograph to record his songs Noah the ninja fights a dragon in the castle Olivia the owl sees the Stonehenge in England Penny the panda eats bamboo in the Forbidden City in Beijing Leo the lion roars at the Statue of Liberty in New York Ben the baker makes a giant cake for a party Lucy’s Visit to the Hospital Grace listens to Handel and learns to sing in a choir Molly the monkey swings from a vine Harry the hairdresser gives a makeover to a celebrity Leo the lion uses a wheel to move things Lucy’s Experience of the Niagara Falls Jenny the jellyfish glows with Marie Curie Andy the ant travels around the world in 80 days Jake the journalist interviews an alien Henry the Hawaiian surfs on a wave Ella listens to Tchaikovsky and learns to dance ballet Amy the astronaut explores a new planet Mia the Mexican celebrates the Day of the Dead with her family Noah the Norwegian sees the Northern Lights with his sister Zach plays the tambourine and learns about Spain Alex’s Family Reunion Zoe the zebra crosses the Sahara desert in Africa Uma plays the lyre and learns about Greece Sam’s Soccer Game Holly the hacker fights a virus in her computer Emma the Egyptian learns hieroglyphs with her teacher Noah plays the harp and learns about Ireland Cassie the cat talks to a fairy in the garden Noah the navigator travels to the center of the earth Isla listens to Debussy and learns to play the harp Gary the gorilla paints a picture Finn listens to Vivaldi and learns to appreciate seasons Lily’s Adventure at the Coral Reef Polly the parrot sings at the Opera House in Sydney Jake’s Journey through the Rainforest Victor plays the saxophone and learns about jazz Fiona the farmer grows giant vegetables Ryan’s Day at the Zoo Benny the bee buzzes around the Statue of Liberty in New York Finn the fish swims in the Victoria Falls in Africa Peter the penguin wants to fly Lucas’ Snowman Building Harry the hamster rides the London Eye in England Ella the elephant uses fractions to measure how much water she can spray Olivia the owl uses logic to win a game of chess with a fox Iggy the inventor creates a robot friend Anna the antelope runs with Pocahontas in Virginia Jake’s First Day of School George the giraffe learns about evolution with Charles Darwin Katie the kangaroo uses graphs to show how high she can jump Ryan the rabbit uses symmetry to make a snowflake with his friends Sammy the squirrel loses his nuts on the first day of school Anna’s Ballet Recital Ben the boy finds a magic lamp in his attic Leo the lion loses his roar Emma the eagle flies with the Wright brothers in Kitty Hawk Flora the flamingo dances with a swan Noah’s Adventure in Antarctica Holly the hummingbird flies with the Wright brothers Kelly the kindergarten teacher helps her students learn Timmy the turtle visits the Acropolis in Athens Leo the Lebanese eats hummus with his mom Finn the fish uses decimals to compare the lengths of different fish Oscar the octopus has trouble with math Ben plays the gong and learns about loudness Harry the hamster uses measurement to build a maze for himself Lola the llama climbs the Machu Picchu in Peru Bailey the bear wakes up from hibernation Noah’s Camping Trip with Dad Zoe the zebra struggles with spelling Ella the engineer invents a robot Gary the giraffe goes on a safari in Africa Leo the lion uses money to buy a crown for himself Finn the fish swims with a mermaid in the ocean Bella the butterfly visits the Eiffel Tower in France Olivia the owl sees the future in her dreams Grace the gardener grows a beautiful flower garden Tara the Thai makes a lantern for the festival Anna plays the kazoo and learns about fun Quinn the quail uses a paper to write a letter Mia the meerkat visits the pyramids in Egypt Sara the snail admires the Big Ben in London Tyler plays the bagpipes and learns about Scotland Leo’s Adoption Day Lily the ladybug flies over the Mount Fuji in Japan Quinn the queen rules a kingdom of candy Olivia the ostrich uses a clock to tell the time Olivia the orphan joins a rebel group against an evil empire George the gorilla helps King Kong in New York Amy the armadillo rolls with Magellan in the Philippines Yara plays the erhu and learns about Mongolia Quinn the quitter joins a reality show on the moon Ricky the raccoon discovers the Grand Canyon in the USA Grace the Greek plays with a yo-yo in the park Wendy the whale is afraid of water Billy the bat meets Dracula in Transylvania Katie the kite meets a genie in the wind Mia’s Camping Trip in the Alps Peter the pilot flies a plane around the world Mason’s Bike Ride Ella’s Tour of the Yellowstone Park Tyler the traveler meets his future self Peter the pirate finds a treasure map in a bottle Alex the ant uses a microscope to see tiny things Noah the nightingale uses temperature to know when to migrate Olivia’s Tea Party Ivy the illustrator draws a comic book Ben the bear uses subtraction to share his honey with his friends Alice the angel meets a unicorn in the clouds Lucy the lamb follows Mary to school in Boston Finn the French eats a croissant for breakfast Holly the horse jumps over a fence Noah the narwhal dives under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Sophie the star falls from the sky Dan the doctor saves a patient’s life Danny the dinosaur feels left out of the games Olivia the Omani rides a camel in the desert Ruby the rabbit digs a hole Leo the lion becomes king of the jungle Sophie the spider spins a web on the Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil Iggy the iguana changes his colors Chloe the cat walks on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia Quinn plays the ukulele and learns about Hawaii Grace the girl sees the Aurora Borealis in Iceland Ethan’s Voyage to the Galapagos Islands Daisy the duck has a crush on her teacher Ryan plays the banjo and learns about America Ben listens to Chopin and learns to play the piano Cody the crocodile can't smile Anna’s Dream of Cherry Blossoms Mia the mouse sneaks into the Louvre Museum in Paris Holly the horse uses a printing press to make books Daisy the detective uses a time machine to solve a crime Cassie plays the oud and learns about the Middle East Jake the jackalope uses a radio to listen to music Katie the kangaroo jumps on the Sydney Opera House in Australia Peter the pilot flies a jetpack Peter plays the accordion and learns about France Alex the alligator snaps with Napoleon in Waterloo Molly the mouse is afraid of the dark Peter the panda uses probability to guess which bamboo is tastier Jake plays the trumpet with Louis Armstrong and learns to improvise Katie the Kenyan runs a marathon with her dad Iggy the iguana learns about DNA with Watson and Crick Charlie the cheetah is always late for class Tara the teacher educates her students about different cultures Peter the Polish paints an egg for Easter Ella the elf travels to the North Pole Bella the bear uses a telephone to call her friends Ruby the Russian dances ballet with her teacher Sammy the snake sheds his skin Sophie the spy uses a gadget to infiltrate a base Ryan’s Balloon Ride over the Grand Canyon Alex the astronaut explores a new planet Joey the joey hops out of his mother's pouch Isla the Indian wears a sari to a wedding Quincy the quail lays an egg Zoe the zebra stripes with Picasso in Spain Jake listens to Wagner and learns to watch opera Max the monkey is too noisy Jake the jack-o-lantern scares a witch on Halloween